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About Us

We are an immersive technology school, doing what the traditional Computer Science degree fails to do.

We are nurturing the next generation of creators, makers, and innovators in the technology space. Creating a new revolution of driven individuals who will make it happen, because no matter what field you want to go into, technology is transforming that industry.

We offer a state-of-the-art technology curriculum on a wide range of in-demand technology expertise, fully curated and delivered by industry experts. With our Nairobi Coder Degree ™ program, we finely position you to be at the top of your industry.

Why Nairobi Coder ?

Something is wrong with the way we teach computer science.

It's old, outdated and in a miserable state: 10 years behind in a field that changes every 10 minutes. Graduates are just not prepared to tackle real-life problems, using efficient & innovative solutions. It does not tackle the rapidly evolving technology ecosystem, that demands skills that go way beyond what’s taught in school.

“ We who work in technology have nurtured an especially rare gift: the opportunity to effect change at an unprecedented scale and rate. ”

Justin Rosenstein

Nairobi Coder trains you to do that. We are a team of talented digital natives, with big ideas, and on a mission to equip everyone with top-of-the-range technology skills. The sort of skills it takes make things happen.

Master Classes

Web Development

We turn you into a full-stack web developer building scalable, agile and adaptive web applications by leveraging the latest web technologies in the industry.

Mobile Development

Mobile applications have changed how we do business and communicate today, and new ways of doing so keep coming up. Learn how to keep up with the pace and master an ever evolving skillset by learning how to build robust Android, iOS and Windows Applications.

Cloud Computing

Become an expert in deploying and scaling cloud applications, from Platforms as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, & Software as a Service and learn how companies leverage on this utility to run their daily activities.

Hardware Computing

Learn how to build hardware systems, ranging from embedded devices, robotics, Internet of Things, 3D Printing, and the newest advances in hardware that are transforming fields such as medicine and consumer electronics as we know them .

SMS, USSD & Voice Development

Rapidly deploy telecommunication applications that leverage on SMS, USSD & Voice technologies to reach millions of already existing users.

Game Development & Virtual Reality

VR & Game Development are technologies that are disrupting the technology scene, from real estate, entertainment to Scientific Research & Development. You will master this skillset to build games that run across mobile and desktop platforms.

UI/UX Design

Creating beautiful software and tools is one thing. Making them intuitive and user friendly is another. We teach you how to do both, which is fundamental to building user-centric products and services that can properly scale different markets.

Data Science

Big Data, Analytics, Visualizations, Data Collection and Data Manipulation are just some of the things you'll master. Learn how to build & use intelligent algorithms that churn through massive amounts of data and analyze it to extract meaningful insights.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Build real-life intelligent software and hardware, from expert systems, speech recognition, machine learning, facial recognition engines and more.


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